• Laptop Pillows with a Soul.

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The AVOCushion Edit

The CLOUDushion Edit

Productivity Reimagined.

Unique productivity accessories featuring silver fiber EMF radiation shielding.

Better for you. You deserve more than a simple laptop tray.

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Productivity accessory design meets home decor.

Weโ€™ve always believed thereโ€™s a better way to work from home: one that puts you first.

From materials that are extremely comfortable on bare skin, to proudly manufacturing with silver fiber electromagnetic (EMF) radiation shielding and ultimately, to complement the interior design of your home or office space, weโ€™re committed to breaking the boundaries of the average laptop and table accessories out there.

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"Finally a laptop accessory I don't need to hide away when I have friends over."


Join the NNM Club

"Having my laptop further away from my legs makes such a huge difference."


Join the NNM Club

"I just can't imagine working from my sofa without the AVOCushion anymore."